A cuddly toy that sucks electromagnetic radiation from its surroundings, especially made for kids and their parents. Absorbing the electro-smog-radiation, the “Kinderguard” provides protection from its negative effects. The object’s outer shell is formed like a cuddly toy and it contains a collection bag similar to a garbage- or vacuum cleaner bag, which has to be changed when full.

Technical Prototype:

The video shows a simple, reasonably working prototype. An electro-smog sensor reacts to the increasing radiation of the mobile phone during an incoming call, transmitting this signal to a small pump, which is inflating a balloon as long as the phone is active. Some components of the object have been taken from other technical devices. Pump and valve, for example, were taken from a commercial automatic blood pressure meter and would be very hard to find and/or very expansive individually.

Used components:

- a mini pump, type KPM14A (DC 3V)
- a valve, type KSV05A-3A1 (DC 3V)
- a battery pack, type Accumulator NiMH
   (6xAAA 7,2V/650mAh 2pol. BEC)
- a WLAN-sensor
- an electro-smog-sensor
- a circuit board
   (incl. Standalone Arduino)

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