Speech Bubble

A parasite that sucks radiation from its host, the mobile phone, especially made for for young urban professionals with a lack of intimacy. The longer it is exposed to radiation, the more it grows, thus changing its shape. When someone talks on the phone for too long, the bubble will get bigger and bigger, moving away from their head, protecting them from “boiling brain cells”.

Technical Prototype:

The video shows a simple, reasonably working prototype. An electro-smog sensor reacts to the increasing radiation of the mobile phone during an incoming call, transmitting this signal to a small pump, which is inflating a balloon as long as the phone is active. Some components of the object have been taken from other technical devices. Pump and valve, for example, were taken from a commercial automatic blood pressure meter and would be very hard to find and/or very expansive individually.

Used components:

- a mini pump, type KPM14A (DC 3V)
- a valve, type KSV05A-3A1 (DC 3V)
- a battery pack, type Accumulator NiMH
   (6xAAA 7,2V/650mAh 2pol. BEC)
- a WLAN-sensor
- an electro-smog-sensor
- a circuit board
   (incl. Standalone Arduino)

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